Process Manager 4.5 (Yearly/Recurring)

SierraCRM Inc


Process Manager 4.5 is an efficient, powerful, and flexible workflow management module that significantly enhances the ability for SugarCRM to turn your interactions into profits.

Process Manager 4.5 offers SugarCRM customers the capability to streamline and automate many of their daily tasks involved with customer acquisition and management. Automated business workflow allows users to focus on selling and servicing customers in their most effective manner, utilizing their companies’ best practices.

Product Overview: Process Manager 4.5 allows users of SugarCRM the capability to create easy–to-complex business processes that are triggered to run at anytime. For example, the automated sending of an email and scheduling of user tasks when new sales leads are created. Alert SugarCRM users when their participation is required in the closure of a sale or the support of your products. More complex business processes that can be modeled in Process Manager Enterprise would be setting up a year long drip email campaign where SugarCRM sends an email to a contact or account monthly along with scheduling calls or tasks each month for follow-up communication to your customers.

Every company has 100’s of business processes. With Process Manager’s easy to build drag and drop wizard like interface, multi stage processes can be built in no time and deployed to SugarCRM. Unleash the power of SugarCRM with PM Enterprise and make sure your SugarCRM will know what to do and when to do it. Making sure Sugar knows what to do and when to do it!

Process Manager Details

$ 2,499.00